Good Practice
We are developing and revising recommendations for how to best digitise cultural heritage on an ongoing basis. Here we are bringing together these pointers in the form of a "good practice" guide. When it comes to the development, management, and publication of digital cultural heritage, there is no one general fits-all-shapes-and-sizes method. That said, orienting one's project toward the sound advice offered in time-tested, practical guides allows one to achieve a high measure of standardisation. That makes good sense, as standardisation greatly simplifies, for example, the exchange of data.

The following list of "good practice" advice is incomplete. If you are aware of additional aids and/or recommendations, please share them with us: mail



  • CDL Guidelines for Digital Images
    Die dritte überarbeitete Version der Guidelines der California Digital Library für die Erstellung von Bilddateien. Enthält konkrete Vorgaben für z.B. Auflösung und Pixelmaße jener Bilddateien, die für die Übernahme in die CDL hergestellt werden. 2005  (PDF 76 KB)